Maintenance, Care and Questions

How will Drumbrellas change the sound of my drum?

- The pitch of the drum will drop and if there is a top snare mechanism the full snare action will be inhibited somewhat.
Is the Drumbrellas durable?

- Yes, but if for some reason a component fails please contact us so we may attempt to remedy the situation.


Store your Drumbrellas on your drum in it's case.  You'll know where it is when you need it then.  Make sure your Drumrellas is always fully dry before storage.  Use a damp non-abrasive cloth to wipe all surfaces and then allow it to air dry in a open position with the skirt area unfolded.

When lifting your Drumbrellas off your drum, do so by grabbing it on both sides using both hands on the rim.  There will be a slight suction effect so please pull slowly until the suction has released.

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